Facilities Usage Guide/Request Form

Please click here to print a Facility Usage Request Form

The following guidelines will apply for groups wishing to use the Carlisle Community School District: 

Facility Availability 

Facilities are generally available for non-school use after 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, (No activities allowed after 6 p.m. on Wednesdays unless approved in advance by AD), 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays and 1-5 p.m. on Sundays.

Facilities are not available for non-school use during winter vacation, spring break and summer cleaning periods.  Any time school is dismissed early due to weather conditions, no facility usage will be permitted and any activities scheduled will be canceled immediately.

Facilities Classifications

Classifications will be used when groups wish to use the district facilities. The classifications will be as follows:  A, B, C, D, E, F. Class A (school activities) will have the highest priority for use when developing the facilities calendar.  After Class A, priority is on first come, first served basis. The activities director or personnel designated to keep the master calendar will determine the classification of each group requesting use of a facility as outlined below. Should there be any questionable organizations or uses, determination will be completed by the superintendent. Status, purpose and activity determine the classification of the group or organization.  The classification criteria listed below in priority order should be followed for the use of all facilities. Dependent upon use, adjustments may be made as to the class a group or organization comes under.


  • Regular classroom activities
  • School activities for students (athletic events, fine arts events, etc.)
  • School related groups and organizations (PTO, fine arts, athletic boosters, etc.)
  • District sponsored activities for staff (training, professional development, etc.)
  • Community Education Activities (adult education, intramurals, etc.)
  • Camps conducted by school employees with all proceeds directly benefiting Carlisle Schools


  • Carlisle city government units or committees
  • Request for national, state and local elections


  • Local youth sports teams affiliated with local youth sports clubs (practices and meetings- CYA, CGSA, Little League and Carlisle Youth Soccer Club)


  • Camps conducted for profit by school district employees with proceeds going to employee


  • Local non-profit organizations/community groups. (Boys Scouts, Girls Scouts, etc.)
  • Local church services, religious classes and activities
  • Business concerns located within and paying property taxes to Carlisle Community School District
  • Local Carlisle youth tournament teams not affiliated with local youth sports clubs (AAU, USSSA, ASA, club league, etc.)
  • Activity, sport camps, clinics, etc. which are done by non-school district employees


  • Business concerns located outside the Carlisle Community School District that wish to use the building/grounds for activities
  • Out of district youth or adult groups with less than a majority of Carlisle participants 

Note: The superintendent and/or board may, by discretion, approve other uses and set fees accordingly.  Upon approval by the activities department, service hours may take the place of usage fees.

Fee Structure

Determining Fees

The activities department will determine the appropriate classification for the use of district facilities.  The fee will be based on the classification.  Necessary additional fees may include such things as cleaning fee, failure to cancel charges, replacement or repair for damage or theft, and other pertinent administrative costs.

Key Deposit

Buildings are usually locked during the evenings throughout the school year. Keys and/or a key FOB will need to be checked out and a separate $50 key deposit must be paid. The deposit will be held until the key FOB is returned. If a key is not returned, the deposit is forfeited. If a key fob is not returned, it is a $10 charge.

Additional Rental Deposit

In case of reported damage caused by a group, the district may charge an additional fee when it deems appropriate.  The additional damage deposit will be required after the first incident of damage. The group will make the deposit before the next scheduled use.  The activities director and/or superintendent will determine the amount of the deposit or additional fees necessary in order to continue to use facilities.

Waived Fees

On occasion, a fee may be waived or reduced, dependent upon use and organization. This would be done with approval of the superintendent through the activities director.

Agreement Length

All yearly facility usage agreements will run from July 1 through June 30.

Rental Fees

FACILITY                           CLASS A, B, C                CLASS D                                        CLASS E                       

Auditorium                              No Charge                           $20 hr w/$50 max                             $20 hr w/$150 max

Board Room                            No Charge                           $20 hr w/$50 max                             $20 hr w/$150 max

Meeting Rooms                     No Charge                           $20 hr w/$50 max                             $20 hr w/$150 max          

Commons                                 No Charge                           $20 hr w/$50 max                             $20 hr w/$150 max

Media Centers                       No Charge                           $20 hr w/$50 max                             $20 hr w/$150 max  

Fields/Day                               No Charge                           $20 hr w/$50 max                             $30 hr w/$200 max

Fields/Night                           No Charge                           $40 hr w/$100 max                           $60 hr w/$400 max          

Any District Gyms               No Charge                           $20 hr w/$50 max                             $20 hr w/$150 max

*Kitchen                                    No Charge                           $20 hr w/$50 max                             $30 hr w/$200 max

CLASS F: Fees Doubled from Class E

Fees are per day  

*Must have a district kitchen employee present due to health and safety regulations

Additional Charges if Needed:

Custodian...........................$25/hr. (Required if event is 4 hrs. or longer and/or determined by activities director)

Auditorium Tech..............$25/hr. (Required if lighting/sound is needed/approved for event)

Kitchen Supervision........$25/hr. (Required if using any of the kitchen facilities in the district)

Security Check..................$25/hr. (Required if school employee is needed to secure a building)

Activity Set-Up.................$25/hr. (Required if set-up needed exceeds normal activity for custodians)

Activity Supervision........$25/hr. (Required if event is lengthy or larger than normal rentals)

Note: All charges are per occurrence

Facilities Regulations

The following conditions must be followed when a group uses facilities of Carlisle Community Schools:

A)    The use in no way interferes with the student educational and/or activity program of the Carlisle Community School District.

B)   The use is consistent with state law.

C)   The group or organization is responsible for and will exercise care in the use of the facilities.

D)   The activity is supervised by an adequate number of adult sponsors.

E)    Use of or possession of alcoholic beverages and/or controlled substances within school or on school grounds is prohibited.

F)    Smoking/tobacco use is prohibited in school building and on school grounds.

G)    A key FOB must be checked out from the activities office in the high school to an adult sponsor, who shall not lend it to any other person. A separate $50 key deposit will be made and held in the activities department until the key is returned and there is no reported damage.  Said sponsor shall open and close the facility, being the first person to arrive and the last person to leave, assuring that all lights and equipment are turned off and the facility is left exactly as it was found. Please return key FOB to the activities office in a timely manner, within one week of the conclusion of your rental agreement.

H)    The district reserves the right to charge a fee for any damage or excessive cleaning that needs to be done after a group has used a facility. The facilities usage request form must be completed before any group may use a facility.

I)     Activity is confined to the area designated and no school equipment or supplies are to be used, except as approved in advance.

Key Fob Directions

When a key FOB is issued for the use of Carlisle Community School facilities, it is programmed to be used only for the hours of which the group or person has requested. To open the designated door, the responsible party taps it once on the electronic pad located to the side of the door. A green light will flash and it will unlock. To keep the door unlocked for a group to obtain access, the responsible party must tap the electronic pad a second time and the door will remain unlocked. Once the agreed upon time has expired, the door will automatically lock. The responsible party does not need to do anything. If for some reason the person or group finishes earlier than the contract states, he/she can tap the electronic pad twice upon exiting the building and the door will lock. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should doors be propped open with an object to allow access. Please call the high school office with any questions- 515.989.5390