Criteria/Nomination Form

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The Carlisle High School Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes and honors outstanding achievements of athletes, coaches, teams and others who have made significant contributions to the athletic program and have promoted the growth of the athletics at Carlisle High School, as well as, Hartford High School, which closed in 1962, and became a part of Carlisle High School.

The Hall of Fame Committee shall include the following members:

  1.  Athletic Director - Chairman
  2.  Athletic Booster Club Member 
  3.  One Head Coach 
  4.  One School Representative
  5.  One Alumni Representative
  6.  One Community Representative 

The existing hall of fame committee will accept applications and make decisions regarding new members to fill vacant committee positions.


Must be a graduate of Carlisle/Hartford HS (at least five years removed)

Individual Athlete Criteria (meet at least one criterion)

  • State Champion
  • State Runner-Up
  • Selected First Team All-State by one of the following organizations
    • Iowa Newspaper Association (INA)
    • Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union (IGHSAU)
    • Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSAA)
    • The Des Moines Register
  • Collegiate Accomplishments
    • st , 2 nd , or 3 rd Team All-American
    • st , 2 nd , or 3 rd Place in a NCAA Individual event for D- I, II, or III, or NAIA.

Team Criteria (meet at least one criterion)

  • State Champion Team
  • State Runner-Up Team

Coaching Criteria (meet at least one criterion)

  • State Championship Title
  • State Runner-Up
  • State or National Hall of Fame
  • Coach of the Year by respective Iowa high school coaches association

The selection committee may override the above criteria if they feel the accomplishments/contributions are so outstanding as to deserve recognition.

Nomination Categories

  1. Athlete - Any person who meets criteria, and has distinguished himself/herself in the field of athletics, during his/her tenure as a student at Carlisle High School.  Moral character, good citizenship, and academic performance during high school and post high school will be a consideration. Nominees for the Carlisle High School Hall of Fame will have graduated five or more years ago.  
  2. Coach - Any coach who meets criteria may be nominated for the Carlisle High School Hall of Fame.
  3. Team - Any state championship team that meets criteria will be automatically inducted into the Carlisle High School Hall of Fame five years after the championship is won.
  4. Contributors - Any individual who has made outstanding contributions to the interscholastic athletic programs at Carlisle High School other than coaching or playing may be considered.  

Nomination Process

All nominations are open to the public and are ongoing.  Nomination forms are available by clicking the link at the top of this page, as well as at the activities office at Carlisle High School.  Once a nomination is made, that person is forever nominated.  For consideration to any given induction class, nominations must be made prior to the first meeting date of the Carlisle High School Hall of Fame Committee.  Nominations received after the initial meeting date for a given year will not be considered until the following year.

Each year the hall of fame committee meets to review past nominations and considers any new nominations made since the last induction class.  After open discussions about candidates, a vote will be conducted for the purpose of choosing inductees.  Each committee member shall rank candidates in order of desired induction preference, with the top candidate receiving the lower number of points. The voting of the committee will be confidential.  

Inductees will be announced at a pre-determined time following the final selection process and after the individuals have been contacted and indicate they will be present or represented at the induction ceremony.  

Induction Ceremony

The hall of fame induction ceremony shall be held each year at a home basketball game as determined by the committee.  


Two plaques will be awarded to honor each inductee.  One plaque will be presented to the inductee, the other will be placed on permanent display in the area designated by the hall of fame committee.